Check out these patient stories to better understand the cataract condition and the Canadians who have told their journeys to clearer vision.

Patient Stories

Brian's Story

It was time. I just knew that I didn't want to think about my eyes anymore.

Andrée's Story

I’m going to be 65. It’s extraordinary for a new life starting with new eyes.

Patricia’s Story

Following her cataract surgery, Pat says her eyes don’t get as tired now, allowing her to focus on the many crafts and activities she loves.

Elena’s Story

Being able to drive is incredibly important to Elena, but her vision had deteriorated so much before her cataract surgery that she had to stop. Since her surgery she feels more independent than she’s felt in years. 

Andrew’s Story

The lens that Andrew received during his cataract surgery has enhanced the comfort and pleasure of his life. “I never thought my vision would be so good at age 81.” 

Juan’s Story

Juan used to see people on the street and not recognize them because his vision was so poor. Since his cataract surgery, he can see the true beauty and vibrant colours of his local neighbourhood in Spain. 

Mary’s Story

Before her cataract surgery, Mary couldn’t drive at night and had difficult reading. After her surgery she can see everything. “I can’t believe how much better my life is. I can see.”  
This testimonial is a patient’s individual experience with the AcrySof® IQ Vivity® IOL. Patients should exercise caution while driving at night. 

Mike’s Story

Before his cataract surgery, Mike’s distance vision for driving was quite bad, with reading street signs a constant challenge. Now, he can get in the car and “just go.” 

Deborah’s Story

Debbie says she wasn’t aware of how bad her cataracts had gotten until after her surgery. Now she sees things she could never see before surgery and notices the difference in her neighbourhood walks. 

Antonio’s Story

As someone who has dedicated his life to reading, having clear vision is incredibly important to Antonio. Following his cataract surgery, his vision has completely transformed and is extremely clear for what he wants to read. 

Maria’s Story

“It’s like remembering how you used to see when you were younger.” Following her cataract surgery, Maria discovered her vision is much better. Where she sees the most improvement is in in daylight – with colours more vivid and clear. 

Harvey’s Story

Gaining greater clarity of vision was a huge advantage to Harvey's work as a dentist.

Darkise’s Story

As an optometrist, Darkise needed clear vision to help her patients see better.

Tracey’s Story

Tracey didn’t realize what she was missing ahead of cataract surgery, watch her story to learn the benefits of knowing your lens options before cataract surgery.

DeLee's Story

DeLee was happy to learn she had choices when it came to how she wanted to see after cataract surgery.

Jacqui’s Story

With her cataracts worsening, Jacqui had all but given up her nightly bridge games. Then she learned about next-generation trifocals.

Denise’s Story

Retired nurse, avid knitter and active community member, Denise describes the benefits she has enjoyed by choosing a lens that matched her lifestyle.

Audrey's story

Listen to Audrey, an artist, avid reader and food lover, describe the benefits she has enjoyed by choosing a lens that matched her lifestyle before having cataract surgery; benefits like being able to see clearly at near, far and intermediate distances without glasses.

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